Do Not Leave The Carbon Footprints Unattended


The total impact or increase in the carbon dioxide content in the environment due to certain human activities is known as the carbon footprints. These footprints are caused due to certain greenhouse gases that are emitted due to those activities. Activities such as traveling via air or by your own car or bike or public transportations, your shopping habits, or your household activities while using fuel and electricity, all lead to the footprints. You have to encourage yourselves and the people around you to go green and save energy, fuel, water and power. Make use of solar energy the most while cooking. Do not leave your electrical equipment at home with the power switched on. You might also want to cut down costs and decrease your shopping requirements so that you do not contribute to the carbon footprints. In our daily lives we can do a lot to reduce the carbon emissions. We have to make wise choices in the kind of food we eat, the shopping we do and the amount of traveling that we do. We also need to keep in mind that what we buy needs to be used and should minimize throwing away. You should follow some climate saving tips such as traveling light by adopting cycling and walking, teleconferencing instead of flying overseas, use energy saving lights, adopt recycling, inflate the car tires or bike tires for better performance, turn down the heat, buy renewable energy and last but not the least buy and eat local. Do not encourage packed food and sealed ready to eat food stuff.